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A new face

Alexandra Carambelas joined the Ad Standards Clearance Services team in October. Alex is a registered dietitian, is fully bilingual, and holds a Bachelor and a Masters degree in Applied Human Nutrition. She reviews food, cosmetics and marketed health product advertising. You can reach Alex at, or extension 239.

Clearance Services Reviewed Logo now available

Consumer research conducted on behalf of Ad Standards in 2017 found that 73 percent of people surveyed would have increased trust in an online advertisement if they knew it had been reviewed by Ad Standards Clearance Services. For advertisers wishing to show their commitment to truth in advertising, we’re happy to offer our new Clearance Services Reviewed Logo — available in English or in French, in four-colour or in black and white — for ads that Ad Standards Clearance Services has determined to be compliant with pertinent laws and/or regulations.
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Marketed Health Products

Approval of medical device advertisements begins January 2, 2018

On January 2, 2018, Ad Standards Clearance Services will begin reviewing and issuing approval numbers for medical device advertisements that comply with the new Guidelines for Consumer Advertising of Health Products (for Nonprescription Drugs, Natural Health Products, Vaccines and Medical Devices). Effective July 1, 2018, Telecaster Services of thinktv will require approval numbers for any new broadcast commercials. Previously aired commercials can continue to air until December 31, 2018, without requiring preclearance

The updated Guidelines, developed by Ad Standards Clearance Services in consultation with Health Canada and industry, are intended to help advertisers create advertising messages that meet all the relevant provisions of the Food and Drugs Act and Regulations, the Natural Health Products Regulations, the Medical Devices Regulations and other related Health Canada Policies and Guidelines. They replace the 2006 Consumer Advertising Guidelines for Marketed Health Products (for Nonprescription Drugs including Natural Health Products).

Marketed health products workshops

The Ad Standards Clearance Services team will be hosting workshops, presented in English, in Toronto on January 31 and in Montreal on February 15, to highlight key sections of the updated Guidelines and the dos and don’ts of advertising nonprescription drugs, natural health products, vaccines and medical devices. Though the Montreal workshop will be presented in English, the slides will also be available in French. If you are interested in attending a presentation in French, please email and we will make note of your interest in a future event. For details, please see the event links below.

Alcoholic Beverages

Food clearance available for alcoholic beverage advertisements that make food claims

Alcoholic beverages are foods, and therefore advertisements for them must comply with the Food and Drugs Act and Regulations, as well as the Canadian Food Inspection Agency’s Industry Labelling Tool. An advertisement for an alcoholic beverage that makes claims about the product’s composition, quality, nutrient content, etc., should be submitted to Ad Standards Clearance Services’ Food sector, in addition to our Alcoholic Beverages sector.


Marketed Health Products Workshop, Toronto – January 31
Marketed Health Products Workshop, Montreal – February 15


Guidelines for Consumer Advertising of Health Products (for Nonprescription Drugs, Natural Health Products, Vaccines and Medical Devices)
2018 Children’s Clearance Committee Meeting Schedule
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Do you have a question or concern about our clearance services or events? Contact Nicole Bellam, Vice President, Ad Standards Clearance Services, and let us know how we can continue to improve your experience with us!